@Kind is a more specialized form of @KubernetesApplication. It can be added to your project like:

import io.dekorate.kind.annotation.Kind;

public class Main {

    public static void main(String[] args) {
      //Your application code goes here.

When the project gets compiled, the annotation will trigger the generation of a Deployment in both kind.json and kind.yml that will end up under ‘target/classes/META-INF/dekorate’. Also, if the deployment is enabled, it will automate the process of loading images to the cluster when performing container image builds.

Adding the kind annotation processor to the classpath

This module can be added to the project using:


The @Kind annotation can be used in combination with @KubernetesApplication. In that case the @Kind configuration will take precedence over the one specified using @KubernetesApplication in the generated Kind manifests.

REMINDER: A complete reference on all the supported properties can be found in the configuration options guide.

Check the Kind example here.