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What is Dekorate?

Dekorate is a one-stop jar to Kubernetes manifest generation that works for all jvm languages regardless of your build tool. It makes generating Kubernetes manifests as easy as adding a dependency to the classpath. Stop wasting time editing xml, json and yml and customize the kubernetes manifests as you configure your java application.

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Dekorate 4.1.4

Works for all build tools and all jvm languages

Dekorate works with practically any Java build tool, including Maven, Gradle, Bazel, and sbt. Lightweight integration with build tools, refers to reading information from the build tool config without bringing in the build tool itself into the classpath.

Allows fine grained customization.

The Kubernetes manifests can be customized using annotations, properties or both of them. Developers don't need to hassle of editing individual XML, YAML, or JSON files.

Framework detection

Dekorate also detects Java frameworks such as Spring Boot, Quarkus, and Thorntail, aligning the generated manifests accordingly.