Jib build hook

This hook will just trigger a jib build in order to perform a container build.

In order to use it, one needs to add the jib-annotations dependency.


Without the need of any additional configuration, one trigger the hook by passing -Ddekorate.build=true as an argument to the build, for example:

mvn clean install -Ddekorate.build=true

or if you are using gradle:

gradle build -Ddekorate.build=true
Jib modes

At the moment Jib allows you to create and push images in two different ways:

  • using the docker daemon
  • dockerless

At the moment performing a build through the docker daemon is slightly safer, and thus is used as a default option. You can easily switch to dockerless mode, by setting the @JibBuild(dockerBuild=false) or if using properties configuration dekorate.jib.docker-build=false.

In case of the dockerless mode, an openjdk-8 image is going to be used as a base image. The image can be changed through the from property on the @JibBuild annotation or dekorate.jib.from when using property configuration.