Release Guidelines

The project is a typical maven project that is released using the maven-release-plugin.


The project is released via sonatype. A sonatype account is required and the account needs to be added to

The credentials of that account need to be configured inside the local settings.xml (usually under ~/.m2/settings.xml). The id of the repository is oss-sonatype-staging. So a matching server entry in the settings xml is required:


Manual approach

As all maven projects, this project can be manually released with a command sequence, like:

mvn release:clean release:prepare -Prelease -DpushChanges=false -Dtag=<release version>
mvn release:perform -Prelease -DconnectionUrl=scm:git:file://`pwd`/.git -DreleaseVersion=<release_version> -Dtag=<release_version>

After these steps are performed:

Finally, you need to push commits and tags.

git push origin
git push --tags origin

Automated approach

To automatically release the project, a release script is provided. The script is meant to perfrom all the steps above, including detecting the next release version (next micro release), closing and releasing repositories.

To use the script simply run:


To bump the major or minor version:

./ --release-version 0.X.0 --dev-version 0.X-SNAPSHOT

Note, that release and dev versions can be set individually, its just that we normalize SNAPSHOT to the major version point, to avoid constantly changing the dev version (and thus reducing potential scm conflicts).


Whenever, the major version is changed, its a good idea, to also set the dev version of all modules that are not included in the release profile (e.g. examples and incubator modules).

 mvn versions:set -DnewVersion=0.7-SNAPSHOT -Pwith-examples -Pwith-incubator